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When you work with Photometrics and QImaging for your OEM project, you’ll realize two major benefits:

#1 The difference in working with us is our professionalism and responsiveness.
#1 Our experience has resulted in well-tuned manufacturing processes that deliver quality to your every requirement.

Choosing to work with leading edge imaging technology brings its share of challenges and not every camera manufacturer can meet those challenges. QImaging and Photometrics have become leading scientific OEM camera manufacturers through a carefully managed sensor supply chain, mature manufacturing processes and state of the art testing capabilities for working with high speed digital logic, memory and computer interfaces.

QImaging and Photometrics have decades of experience getting it right. Our key to successful life-cycle management is our ability to provide responsiveness and transparency through the entire process. From managing initial prototypes to ramping up to production volumes, to keeping you apprised of any and all changes or adjustments, to providing an easy development platform for transitions to the next generation of technology, we understand and can fully support you when and where you need our expertise.

Each product is provided with a controlled Bill of Materials (BOM) to ensure exact control of deliverables, including customized test requirements to guarantee it meets your specifications and performance requirements before leaving our factory. All aspects of the product production are documented and test data is saved. As evidenced by our registered ISO: 9001:2008 certification, quality is highly prioritized, ensuring all of your needs are met.

Our successful life cycle management includes:

  • Quick response to changing market opportunities using a broad range of standard products or completely customized solutions
  • A flexible and future proof software development platform that enables easy transitions to newer products
  • Customized BOM to guarantee consistent performance
  • Customized testing for each product to ensure and verify performance
  • Accurate and precise scheduling and delivery of products
  • ISO 9001 certification

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