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Scientific CMOS, CCD & EMCCD Cameras for OEM Integration

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When you work with Photometrics and QImaging for your OEM project, you’ll realize two major benefits:

#1 We have the experience to take your novel concept to successful commercialization.
#1 Our OEM support capabilities go beyond customization, to include packaging, thermal management and post-processing.

Innovation is a matter of ideas, options, and trust. When novel ideas are required for winning new markets, confidence in your OEM camera partner is essential. You need more than promises, you need to deliver new products, working, and on-time. Your progress is dependent on partnering with a supplier with proven industry experience, substantial resources, and expertise. You also need support to properly manage complex projects to completion.

Photometrics and QImaging have decades of industry experience in supporting instrumentation customers, bringing dozens of challenging products successfully to market. Our combined manufacturing and engineering resources have enabled us to provide the widest range of imaging technologies available in quantitative scientific imaging.

We also understand how innovation goes beyond detection limits and frame rates. We will help you determine how to optimize and when to compromise. Our customers are often surprised by the performance achieved using a lower-cost but well optimized solution, versus overspending on a promising high performance camera that is poorly optimized for the task.

When you choose Photometrics and QImaging as your OEM partner, you gain the support you need to drive innovation. We employ expertise in all phases of the design lifecycle and will help ensure your breakthrough concept is implemented with quality, hits cost targets, and integrates the latest technology, including:

  • Wide range of Imaging Sensors: EMCCDs (front and back illuminated), Full Frame CCD Sensors (front and back illuminated), Interline CCDs, CMOS and sCMOS (Scientific CMOS) technologies, as well as insights to future sensor roadmaps.
  • Cooling and Thermal Management: CFD modeling, a wide range of sensor cooling packages, and management of camera heat in and around your enclosures
  • Signal and post Processing: A well-developed mature API (PVCAM) that allows for rapid switching between sensors, interfaces, and camera models, GP-GPU processing based on openCL and CUDA post processing (SPLICE), and on-camera algorithms in high-performance FPGAs.


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