OEM Imaging

Scientific CMOS, CCD & EMCCD Cameras for OEM Integration

OEM Goals

When you work with Photometrics and QImaging for your OEM project, you’ll realize two major benefits:

  1. Access to imaging technologies from two of the world’s leading scientific camera suppliers for fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging.

  2. Engagement with a manufacturing partner that not only understands the special needs of a particular application, but also the needs of small regional to large global companies seeking a dependable, established and trusted supplier.


Innovation is a matter of ideas, options, and trust. Take your novel concept to successful commercialization. Our OEM capabilities go beyond customization.

Accelerated Development

See how our broad product portfolio combined with decades of experience ensures expediently meeting your cost and performance targets.

Life Cycle Management

Learn how our professionalism and responsiveness make a difference and how our experience and well-tuned manufacturing processes deliver quality.