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Scientific CMOS, CCD & EMCCD Cameras for OEM Integration

OEM Scientific CMOS Cameras

QImaging and Photometrics offer a variety of CMOS and Scientific CMOS camera options from all the major sensor suppliers. Choose from low noise, routine CMOS cameras, or cooled scientific CMOS cameras. Each of these OEM scientific cameras are price and performance optimized to meet the needs of your instrumentation budget and design. See all OEM Imaging imaging solutions:

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Prime BSI delivers the ideal combination of speed, sensitivity, pixel size and resolution for biomedical imaging. The camera offers a unique combination of high QE and 6.5µm pixel size, and is excellent for a wide range of biomedical imaging applications. The Prime BSI is the ideal camera to power the next generation of instrumentation.
The Iris 9 incorporates a sensitive sensor at its core with nine million 4.25µm pixels. The camera boasts a 70% peak Quantum Efficiency optimized detection across the VIS and NIR spectrum. Its powerful FPGA, a signature Photometrics design that delivers a variety of inline processing capabilities for your instrument.
Providing all the capabilities of the Iris 9, the Iris 15 CMOS cameras provides even more power with its 15 Megapixel design. Both cameras also provide an automated spot-finding routine to solve challenges in microarray data analysis routines and are available in color or monochrome.
Prime 95B
Designed using the first available CMOS sensor with backside illumination, it converts nearly every available photon to useful signal through its exceptionally high Quantum Efficiency. A UV-enhanced version is also available.
QI2020 is an extremely versatile life science imaging solution. It is a high resolution camera with great sensitivity, extremely low noise, high frame rates and impressive dynamic range. The large field of view is ideal for microscopy, maximizing usefulness of the imaging area.
Offered as the affordable sCMOS solution, optiMOS brings the advantages of low noise and high speed imaging to a broader range of cell biology applications.
Rolera Bolt
As a cost-effective solution, the Rolera Bolt is capable of streaming 30 full frames per second with 1.3 mega-pixel resolution and very low noise, making it perfect for tracking dynamic events with detailed spatial resolution.

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