OEM Imaging

Scientific CMOS, CCD & EMCCD Cameras for OEM Integration

OEM Cameras

OEM cameras from Photometrics and QImaging are available with a broad variety of options, including low noise cameras or cooled cameras, and for several scientific applications, such as fluorescence imaging or gel imaging, or for plate readers or biochip readers. Select from scientific CMOS, CCD or EMCCD imaging technologies for OEM integration.

OEM Scientific CMOS Cameras

CMOS cameras offer high speed and a stellar combination of high sensitivity, large field-of-view and high frame rates.

OEM Scientific CCD Cameras

CCDs provide versatility and are capable of artifact free imaging, very long exposure times and high precision, quantitative analysis.

OEM Scientific EMCCD Cameras

These sophisticated cameras offer the ultimate performance in detecting extremely low light levels, but at limited resolution or field-of-view.