OEM Imaging

Scientific CMOS, CCD & EMCCD Cameras for OEM Integration


Welcome to the Photometrics and QImaging Customer Portal, a dedicated online product development resource for our OEM customers.

Photometrics and QImaging have a deep history of expertise and experience in product delivery for OEM integration. When you partner with us, you will immediately engage with a dedicated team with access to all the resources you need to achieve success in your product vision.

From project initiation, throughout development, manufacturing, and post launch service and support, this focused approach has been the reason for our customer's success for nearly three decades – and the reason they keep coming back.

Photometrics and QImaging consistently deliver products that are innovative, easy to integrate, cost-effective and on time. We work closely with you through the entire process to ensure development of the right product and program the first time – enabling you to achieve throughput as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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